💋 Sex Emoji 101: Pump Up Your 🍑 Sexting Game Using Emojis

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Modified: Июн 30, 2022

Long gone are the days of old school courtship… serenading your beloved by the window of his or her house, sending handwritten love letters through the mail, no one ever does these things anymore. Nowadays, it’s all about online dating, sexting, and maybe even a sex emoji here and there.

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Dating In The 21st Century

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For those who use it well, what we just mentioned are great tools! Especially if you want to spice up your sex life and keep things fun with your partner, emojis are the way to go because they visually convey the stuff you want to do. But you got to be witty and creative about it, too. You can’t just put a sex emoji out there because surprise, surprise, a sex emoji hasn’t been invented yet.


Sexting In The Dating Scene

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Yes, there is no sex emoji out in the market — yet. There might be a sex emoji in the future, but as of today, there is NONE.. this means that if you want to say “sex” in emoji, you got to make up your own emoji combinations. TBH, the absence of a sex emoji is actually, kind of puzzling!? For a lot of people, the rise of emoji use in the dating scene has made sexting even more enticing. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a dating expert or a modern-day Casanova to say what’s in your heart. If you’re a shy person, or you have a hard time expressing how you feel, emojis help you come out of your shell.


Slam Dunk Your Sexting Game

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Whatever thoughts, dream, or fantasies you have, those little images we call emojis can bring them to life through your keyboard! And since so many people are now into it, it’s turned into a bit of a game… a sexting game! A game you can’t slack off to, because if you do, the girl or guy you’ve set your sights on, might go to someone else for digital romance. You can’t just send someone a boring red heart or the usual smiley, or you’ll end up as an unread in his or her inbox. You need to stand out!

Lucky for you, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve. Whether you just met someone and you want to get to know him or her better or you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you really want to spice up your sex life, we’ve got all the sexy emoji tips to keep you at the top of your game.


Scenario 1

You’re Dating Someone. You went on a few dates with this person, and you’ve had a great time on each date. Good for you! You want to get to know them more, in a quiet setting, and maybe kiss and cuddle in between? Not sure she is down for that, and you don’t want to be rejected. 

Why not emoji text Netflix And Chill? Smooth, right? It ain’t the Sex emoji yet, but it isn’t the right time yet. You’re still feeling your way first. 

Use these emojis: 🍿📺❄️

Emoji sentence: I had a great time the other night,  I’m not doing anything this weekend, why don’t you come over? Let’s 🍿📺❄️ Deadpool just came out, and you mentioned he is your favorite Hollywood actor? Wanna catch it at my place?


Scenario 2

You’ve been dating for a while, but things got busy at work for the two of you. You can’t stop thinking about him or her. Time for a… booty call! We all know what peaches are, they’re a sweet juicy fruit with green leaves and a stem. But in digital communication, the 🍑 Peach emoji also means booty! Juicy butt cheeks!

Use these emojis: 🍑📱😉

Emoji sentence: 

Person 1: Sorry, so busy. 12 hour shifts at work. But I miss you, I know it’s 3 am. You mind coming over?
Person 2: 🍑 and 📱 emoji?
Person 1: 😉


Scenario 3

You celebrated your anniversary at a 5-star restaurant, and your girlfriend looked great in her dress. It’s the most beautiful you’ve seen her and you want to tell her that! 

Use these emojis: 👗🔥

Emoji sentence: I just want to say you looked 🔥 in that 👗 tonight!

Think your boyfriend looked handsome today? Replace the dress with a 🤵 emoji and you’re good to go!


Scenario 4

You’re at work, and your husband or wife sends you a nude pic to encourage you to go home early tonight for some sexy time! Kinky! So… how do you reply to that? 

Use these emojis: 🔥🍆 (if you want to talk about a man’s private part)

You can also use  🍌, 🥒, or 🥖. They’re all different, but if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s their phallic likeness. These fruits are phallic to some degree. We bet you won’t look at them the same way when you see them at the supermarket!

The 🔥 Fire emoji is the universal meaning for hot and sexy. So, if you want to comment on your girl’s chest, put 🔥 and the 🌰together. Chest-nut, chestnut, get it! (No, we aren’t kidding about this!)

Talking or describing large breasts? Another alternative is the 🍈, used as a symbol for large breasts because of its size and shape.

Emoji sentence:

Husband: Hi darling, miss you. I know it’s been stressful at work, but I can’t wait to see you tonight. (Sends nude selfie)
Wife: Oooh… 🍆🔥
Husband:  Found some of yours at home (Sends nude selfie plus 🌰 and 🔥)
Wife: Ooh. Someone’s excited! See you tonight, hun! 😉


Scenario 5

Your kids are at your mother-in-law’s, and you and your partner have the house to yourselves for one night. You want to tell your partner you want to be intimate, but you don’t want to seem desperate…

Use these emojis: 👉👌🐇🐇

Emoji sentence:

Wife: (Texts husband) Gonna be a quiet night tonight, cooked you your favorite casserole. Got anything you want to do tonight? 😉
Husband: You mean 👉👌🐇🐇? Might be a little rusty 😂
Wife: It’s a foreign concept, but I think it’s worth a try 🤣

Similar to Booty Call emoji, this emoji combination, is another interpretation of the Sex emoji. Although it is different from the Booty Call emoji in the sense that it’s got a more “in your face” delivery. So, if you’re going to use it, use it in a light but funny way, with people you’re really close to. 


Scenario 6

You’re going out with a guy you like. After a couple of dates, you’ve had nothing more than a good-night kiss on the cheek. You want to spice things up, but you don’t want to be like, “Kiss me! Now!”

Use these emojis: 🇫🇷💋

Emoji sentence:

Girl: (Texts date) I’ve had a great time tonight.
Guy: Me too.
Girl: See you next time… good night… giving you something for your dreams.. 🇫🇷💋

We are talking about the French Kiss emoji, of course! It is a combination of the 🇫🇷 France Flag emoji and the 💋 Kiss Mark emoji. 


Scenario 7

Virginity and sexuality are some of the most sensitive topics to discuss. There’s always this uncomfortable feeling when you talk about it. Plus, the stigma surrounding virginity is approached differently for men and women. You can talk about it in a lighter way through emojis. 

For example, if you’re talking about a plot on a story where the girl or guy loses his or her virginity, use these emojis: 🍾🍒

Emoji sentence: I went to the bathroom at the part when she  🍾 🍒 

The emoji meaning of this is “pop your cherry,” a phrase used in reference to a woman losing her virginity.

Emojis are light-hearted and convey a broad range of emotions efficiently, and in a way words sometimes cannot do. Emojis also make people more outgoing, more approachable and more likeable. If you’re a shy person, or you have a hard time expressing how you feel, emojis help you come out of your shell. Even if you’re married, it’s sometimes hard to say, “I want to be intimate.” Thank God, then, for emojis!


Scenario 8

You’re halfway through your day, and all you can think about is tearing off your partner’s clothes as soon as he enters the house. Give him a heads up, let him know what awaits him after work. No overtime this time! Why not, give him this? 

Use these emojis: 🌃🍷🎷😘

Emoji sentence: Can’t wait to see you tonight… and… you know… 🌃🍷🎷😘


Scenario 9

You’ve been with your husband or wife for a few years now, and you’re tired of doing the same thing. So… you’ve got a few ideas and you want to share them with your partner, so you text them…

Use these emojis: 🚿🍑🍆🛁

Emoji sentence:

Girl: Summer’s definitely here. Walked out of the office a bit, and when I got back, I was totally sweating.
Guy: Yup, turned up the AC in the car on the way to work.
Girl: Wanna, you know, cool things down tonight? 🚿🍑🍆🛁
Guy: I’m so down.


Scenario 10

You’ve always wanted to reenact a few scenes from EL James’ hit novel Fifty Shades of Gray, send your boyfriend this.

Use these emojis: 🖐️🐴🎭

Emoji sentence:

Girl: Hey, it’s my birthday. And was wondering if we could celebrate tonight… And you know Fifty Shades of Gray is one of my favorite movies… 🖐️🐴 🎭
Guy: Oooh, kinky ⚡

Here’s another pro tip before we move to other situations. The ⚡ High Voltage emoji is a symbol for high voltage. It represents lightning, electricity and various flashes. But did you know it can also mean HOT! To describe someone who’s sexy, or who’s got a hot bod or a smoldering look. Well, now you know! Just put the ⚡ emoji after the person or thing you’re describing and you’re all set!


Scenario 11

You want to give your kids the birds and the bees talk. You think they’re old enough to understand, but you don’t want them to get scared, so you ask your husband if he can accompany you. He might have some qualms about it, so you text him this.. 

Use these emojis: 🐦🐝🗨️

Emoji sentence:

Wife: Hi, hun. Mica will have sex education at school this semester, but I think it’s better if we have the 🐦 and the 🐝🗨️ talk with him first.
Husband: Okay, whew! Our kids are growing up FAST!


Scenario 12

You’ve been having a great time with your lover. Everything seems awesome, and you’ve been really wanting to go “downtown” You’re not sure how he feels about it, it might kill the vibe if you just do it, so you text your boyfriend first…

Use these emojis: 💋🍆👅🍑💦

Emoji sentence:

Girl: Hey, hun. Thinking of going on a trip.
Guy: Don’t think it’s safe considering the whole social distancing situation.
Girl: Not really that far…oh, just downtown… 💋🍆💦
Guy: Let me get my jacket.

If it’s the guy who is going “downtown” on the girl, there’s an emoji combo for that, too. Just replace the 🍆 with the 🍑 and put 👅 💦


Practice Makes Perfect

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Tons of people have a less than satisfactory experience for the first few times. Cliche as it may sound, experience is still the best teacher. Experience will help you find the balance between being creative, flirtatious, and spontaneous. As with anything else, the more you practice, and the more you add to your knowledge, the better you’ll be at it. 



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On a final note, don’t forget to have fun! At the end of the day, sexting is a light and fun activity between two consenting adults who understand it stays between two consenting adults. If you think someone won’t be down for it, don’t do it to them!

That said, don’t be afraid of rejection. Confidence is something we all have to work on individually. If your sex emoji didn’t go as planned, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. 

Best of luck to you all!