☀️ 20 Good Morning Emoji Sets For Greeting Your Loved Ones 🌅

Written by: Kaira
Modified: Янв 18, 2022

Start the day by greeting your loved ones with refreshing Good Morning emoji sets. Don’t be afraid to use different emojis and combinations. Browse through your keypads and choose icons that symbolize your upcoming day. By doing this you can brighten anyone’s day if you’re struggling to come up with words of comfort.

When sending good morning emoji sets, you usually encounter the ☀️ Sun emoji or the 🌅 Sunrise emoji. On some occasions, you might also receive the 🥞 Pancakes emoji to signify breakfast. Originally, these icons were meant to symbolize their real-life counterparts. However, the emojis also remind most people of the start of their days. Because of this, we commonly use the said emojis in Good Morning emoji sets.

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The habit of greeting someone with a «good morning» hails as one of the most common displays of showing politeness. The phrase «good morning» comes from the Old English «gōdne morgen» and the Middle English «gud mornynge.» Their literal meanings depict the greeting we use today. Its alternative message still relays the message of greeting someone as the day starts. To avoid any confusion, some people just use the phrase «morning» instead of adding «good» in the beginning. Check out the Good Morning emoji combinations that you can use to greet your loved ones. With this, you may find the inspiration to compose more special greetings in the morning.


Good Morning Emoji Sets

Believe it or not, some people choose to skip breakfast and just begin their day with coffee or nothing. Because of this, we came up with Good Morning emoji combinations that feature no food-related icons. You must keep in mind that not all people start their day in the morning. Some may wake up for their jobs in the afternoon or the evening, depending on their line of work. However, you may continue to read on and see the ones with food and beverage emojis. These icons depict simple meanings by themselves. But, you can choose to unleash the potential of making them more meaningful with emoji sets. Discover how you can make other people’s morning a bit better with Good Morning Emoji sets.

😊❤️️🌞 — Have a great morning!

We usually encounter this Good Morning emoji set due to its simple message. This combination best fits wordless greetings. Don’t be afraid to rely on the ❤️️ Red Heart emoji in conveying something sweet. Plus, you can never go wrong with the 😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes emoji in brightening up someone’s day. The bright 🌞 Sun with Face emoji servers as the cherry on top in ending a wordless yet meaningful Good Morning emoji combination. The versatile use of the icons makes them the best emojis to send to your family or romantic interests.

🌅🐓🔊⏰ — Let’s answer the rooster crow in the morning.

Rooster Call, Rooster

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You probably know about roosters instantly screaming cock-a-doodle-doo just once the sun rises from the horizon. Additionally, we usually associate the famous bird with morning calls due to its well-known use in real life. Because of this, several alarm settings include the ear-piercing sound we hear in the morning. Adding the 🔊 Speaker with High Volume emoji further emphasizes the meaning of this Good Morning emoji combination.

​🌅​🐦​🪱 or 🌅​🐦🐛 — The early bird gets the worm.

Since the worm emoji does not appear on most platforms, people opt to use the 🐛 Bug Emoji instead. This Good Morning emoji set represents the famous idiom, «The early bird gets the worm.» Nowadays, people usually shorten the phrase to just «The Early Bird.» Because of this, you’re free to only use the 🐦 Bird emoji and the 🌅 Sunrise emoji when sending this to your loved ones. Those who receive this simple emoji combination can strive for success by facing a brand-new day.

☀️⬆️👀 — The Sun is up.

The 👀 Eyes emoji serves as an eye-opening reaction we usually display once the sunlight glares from the sky. Sending this simple emoji set helps the receiver anticipate the sun’s brightness before opening their curtains. It also sometimes serves as a reminder for non-morning people to prepare for the day. We usually encounter this combination of emojis in messages as a joke. They usually annoy those who just finished their work shifts in the morning.

👦🚿☀️ — Shower or get ready for the day.

The idea of showering every day sparks several debates, depending on your country of residence. A Harvard study states that showering daily may trigger skin problems or health issues. However, those who do morning workouts usually shower afterward to kickstart their day. Because of this, this emoji combination fits well with active individuals. Some may find it baffling to meet people who voluntarily work up a sweat before preparing for work in the morning. Plus, most people from tropical countries grew accustomed to daily showers or baths. This Good Morning emoji set goes well with them because they shower daily to alleviate their body heat. We don’t blame them because commuting under the sun’s intense heat may leave you itching for a quick shower.

🏃👟☀️❓ — Want to go for a morning jog?

Woman Jogging, Sunrise

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Adding the ❓ Question Mark emoji to messages usually interprets to inviting the recipient to an activity. In this case, you may use this Good Morning emoji combination to invite a friend or a loved one to a morning jog. The simple exercise becomes less boring when you bring someone with you. As time passes faster, you also train your stamina and lung capacity when conversing with a person during a jog. To entice the recipient, you may promote that morning jogs not only increase one’s stamina but also strengthens one’s heart from diseases.

🏃🛌🌅 — Get up and start your day!

Like our other combinations, you may use this emoji set as a joke to those who hate mornings. Adding the 🛏 Bed emoji takes the prank on a whole new level too. Jokes aside, you may also use this combination to greet your friends and loved ones. It may also serve as a message alarm because it encourages the recipient to get up from bed. Additionally, using these emojis can urge the recipient to get up from bed and start their day. Waking up doesn’t mean they got out of bed. Without that gentle push, your friend or loved one might go back to sleep unknowingly.

⛱️🚶🌅 — Let’s go to the beach to watch the sunrise.

Sunrise, Beach

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This emoji combination may serve as a warm morning greeting and encourage the recipient to hop out of bed. Like the sunset, watching the sunrise from the beach emits a welcome warmth. If the recipient accepts your invitation, we advise you to shield your eyes when the sun becomes too bright. The sunrise may be harsh on your eyes but it also gives you a boost of energy for the day. After that much-needed sunlight, you and your companion may walk barefoot by the beach. However, you must remember to leave if the air gets too hot for you. Ignoring this warning may leave you tired instead of energized.

​🌅​🙆‍♀️​📷​ or 🌞🤳 — Morning time, selfie time!

People who can’t help but update their social media posts would love receiving this Good Morning emoji combination. Their online timeline feels incomplete if they don’t document every waking hour. You may annoy your friends who can’t help but update their followers with «woke up like this» posts. Sending the 🤳 Selfie emoji to them may get you some angry or laugh reactions in an instant. In truth, they might tag you in their next morning selfie. No matter what intention you had in mind, you certainly brightened up their day.

​👍🥾🌲🏞​🌅​ — Let’s hike to see the sunrise!

Woman walking to the sunrise, Woman walking

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Adding the 👍 Thumbs Up emoji makes this invitation an offer that the receiver cannot refuse. Like jogging, hiking in the morning boosts your body’s stamina, heart strength, and ability to adapt to higher altitudes. However, we advise you to carefully choose who you want to invite to hiking to see the sunrise. Some of your friends might not like the idea of hiking before dawn. However, you may tempt them by talking about your experience with hiking. If you never tried the activity, we suggest you convince your friends about the benefits of hiking. With this, you can make your first hiking experience more memorable.

🚗​🛣🌄​ — Ride with me to the mountains to see the sunrise.

Roadtrip, Sunrise

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One of the best ways to bond with friends includes taking road trips. Unlike most morning activities, taking a drive to watch the sunrise doesn’t require anything strenuous. This emoji set serves as a great invitation to friends who just want to take a drive. The 🛣 Motorway emoji may symbolize an open destination. You and your friends can just watch the sunrise while on the road.

💔😩☀️✋❤️️🌅 — I hate mornings but I love the sunrise.

This Good Morning emoji combination serves as one of the longest sets on our list. However, its meaning doesn’t give it enough justice without the emojis we chose. Most of us dread waking up in the morning because it reminds us of the tiresome day ahead. This fact usually causes us to dread the bright sunlight during our days off. However, the concept of waking up in the morning for work differs from enjoying the sun’s Vitamin D. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise but not the workload that comes along with it.


Breakfast Emoji Sets

You may use the following Good Morning emoji combinations below to invite your loved ones to drink or eat. With the early hour in mind, we used the icons like the ​🥞​ Pancakes emoji and the 🍳 Cooking emoji in mind. These icons usually represent common breakfast favorites along with the ☕ Hot Beverage emoji. Before it became everyone’s favorite meal of the day, eating in the morning meant breaking the fasting period. The phrase came from the English after they described the meal you enjoy following a good night’s rest. The term was eventually shortened to «breakfast» which we use to this day.

Since Ancient Times, people enjoyed eating breakfast before they start their day. We prepare light or heavy kinds, depending on where you live in the world. Some prefer sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea while munching on some bread with jam or butter. Others go big with large clubhouse sandwiches or rice bowls filled to the brim. To keep things simple, we selected a few emojis that embody the morning meals we all love. You can replace or add another food and beverage emoji of your choice after checking out our selection.

☀️​​☕​➡️️​😋​ — Let’s get coffee before we start the day.

Coffee with Friends, Breakfast

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Offering to buy coffee for your friend or special someone makes them feel loved. This simple set of emojis appears as a great invitation to a small chat before you and your friends start your day. As we go on with our list, most breakfast-themed emoji greetings center on inviting the recipient to a meal. We suggested this emoji combination in hopes of anticipating whether or not the recipient eats breakfast. Getting a cup of coffee before work seems the safest gathering for most people. It leaves room for no misunderstanding. After a quick conversation, you can proceed with your day.

🍵​☕​☀️❓ — Do you drink tea or coffee in the morning?

This Good Morning emoji combination gives off a «let’s go on a date» vibe. However, it may also be an innocent invitation between new friends. Drinking coffee in the morning gives your body a much-needed caffeine boost. People who hate getting up in the morning prefer a least a shot of espresso to kickstart their day. However, some not only prefer tea, but they also need it. Some individuals who adamantly order tea usually suffer from a caffeine allergy. To keep themselves awake, they request teas with little to no caffeine content. The warmth of the beverage is enough to keep them awake. Learn your friend’s preference with the 🍵​ Tea emoji and the ☕​ Coffee emoji.

​💤​☕​😴​☀️ —  I can’t stay awake. I need coffee or tea.

Earlier, we talked about inviting someone for a cup of coffee. However, this emoji set serves as a hint to the recipient. If they understand its meaning, you might receive an invitation to your local cafe in the following reply. We came up with this emoji combination in hopes of helping you convince your friends into treating you to some breakfast. But, you can use it at any time of the day. Plus, you might get a meaningful breakfast date if you send this to your romantic interest.

​📞🍩​☕​🌅 — Let’s order coffee and donuts for breakfast.

Once the weekend rolls around, most of us can’t help but stay at home and order food. After a tiresome week at work, we all find struggle with finding the strength to wake up and prepare breakfast. Because of this, a lot of people love ordering morning meals after the weekend sunrise. You may also enjoy your breakfast slowly while enjoying the sun rising to the sky. We came up with this morning greeting emoji set in mind. Go ahead and invite a friend or loved one by ordering coffee and donuts. You can sit by the porch or balcony while enjoying your warm and sweet breakfast as the sun lights up the sky. The notable 🍩 Doughnut emoji on this set just might be enough to wake your companion early in the morning.

​⚡​☕​​🌅 — Morning coffee is my energy source.

Just like one of our earlier entries, you may use this combination to urge someone to treat or accompany you. Using the 🌅 Sunrise emoji, the combination makes the message seem like a breakfast invitation to the recipient. However, the absence of other food-related emojis lets the receiver believe that they’re free to choose the outcome. You and your companion may or may not grab something to eat. The specific assured detail on your invitation is only a hot cup of joe.

​🥞​🍳​☀️ — Rise and shine! It’s breakfast time!

Eggs, Breakfast

Image from Unsplash

We usually encounter this kind of morning greeting from our family, neighbor, or roommate. The combination implies that you live together or near each other. However, it all depends on who you sent it to. If you send it to your special someone, they’ll think you already have breakfast prepared for them.

​☕️​🥞🥐​​🌅​ — Breakfast with coffee with pancakes and croissants.

Waffles, Breakfast

Image from Unsplash

This emoji greeting may come out as an offer to eat breakfast at home or outside. Depending on the time of day, the selection of food emojis shows the simple breakfast staples we eat. You may also switch the Pancakes Emoji with the 🧇 Waffle emoji if you prefer the latter. Additionally, the role of the 🌅 Sunrise emoji shows that your offer stands as a morning thing. Meanwhile, the 🥐 Croissant emoji serves as the tempting offer in the whole emoji set. It implies that you ordered the favorite pastry or had it delivered for breakfast.

​🍳​🥞🥓​🌅😋 or 🍳​🥓​🌅😋 — Want to eat an All-American breakfast with me?

All-American Breakfast, Breakfast

Image from Unsplash

When we hear the term «All-American Breakfast,» we automatically imagine eating a meal with bacon and eggs. Because of this, an emoji combination about the favorite meal isn’t complete without the 🥓 Bacon emoji. The grease-filled breakfast we came to know and love originated in the 1920s. A bacon company’s marketing strategy included paying doctors to promote bacon and eggs as a healthy breakfast. However, no one knew that its effectiveness continues to this day. Meanwhile, eggs for breakfast got its popularity for being available on most mornings after being laid by hens.

🍫​🥞​🥛🧒☀️ — Let’s wake up and enjoy a kiddie breakfast!

When we think of breakfasts for adults, we instantly assume that it includes coffee or tea. This comes from the fact that people who work often look for a caffeine boost to start the day. However, not all adults like the taste of the famous hot beverages. Some stuck to their food preferences since childhood and only drink milk or chocolate. Because of this, we came up with an emoji combination that invites the recipient to a reminiscent breakfast.