Genshin Emojis: ⚔️ Make An Impact On The Internet! 🌠

Written by: Bernice

Genshin emojis are the best way to show your love for the game on the Internet, especially since there are many Genshin Impact symbols that can be presented through emojis. The game itself was released at the height of the pandemic, which allowed gamers participating in quarantine lockdown to freely explore the outdoors through their screen.

Ever since its debut, Genshin Impact has made waves throughout different social media and messaging platforms. A Genshin Discord group can be easily found on the gaming app. Meanwhile, TikTok has become commonplace to look up videos regarding the game and the characters.

Genshin Emojis

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There are two main reasons to learn a few Genshin emojis. The first one is to find other Genshin Impact fans and share your cosplay, your tactics, or even your fanart with them. Adding a few Genshin emoji combos that most of the Genshin Impact fandom know will make it easier for them to approach you about the game and for you to approach them as well.

The second reason is to describe the main character you use within the game. Genshin Impact allows you to choose from a wide variety of characters with different elemental attacks and weapons. Using Genshin emojis specific to a character automatically has other people identify you with said character. Since Genshin Impact can be played as a co-op game, it’s necessary to learn other players and their skills to balance each other out.

There are way too many Genshin emojis to memorize in just one sitting. However, learning a few examples is a great way to start your journey with Genshin emojis. Especially since most Genshin Emojis feature characters that may be beneficial for you, represent your current main character, or even a character you plan to obtain.


What Is Genshin Impact?

genshin impact

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To learn about Genshin emojis, we should first learn about Genshin Impact itself. MiHoYo, the Chinese video game developing company, debuted Genshin Impact on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android around September 2020. MiHoYo already had ample background in game development after releasing previous games like Honkai Impact 3rd. However, Genshin Impact managed to blend an immersive story with open-world mechanics in a free-to-play experience.

Alongside Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Genshin Impact allowed players to freely explore worlds while staying at home because of the lockdowns faced during the Pandemic.

Another reason why Genshin Impact went viral was because of its design. The characters are the highlight of the game. Genshin Impact even allows you to receive random characters to learn more about by the gacha system they use, making players motivated to earn more “wishes” to activate the gacha.

Genshin Impact has you playing as a traveler named Lumine or Aether who falls into the world of Teyvat. You will be accompanied by Paimon, the game’s mascot, as you travel between nations ruled by different archons (gods of Teyvat).

Teyvat features seven elements: Anemo, Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Dendro, Geo, and Cryo. These elements can be used by your character and other playable characters. The game is still under development despite being playable for two years. The consistent updates don’t stop players though. As of March 2022, the game has grossed 4.267 Billion, with 567 million on the mobile version alone. They’ve also received awards since its release. Apple awarded them iPhone Game of the Year in 2020 and Awards for Design and Graphics in 2021.

genshin impact elements

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Genshin Emojis and Emoji Combinations

There are many Genshin Impact emoji combinations and a few official Genshin Impact emojis listed below for your use. We went ahead and organized them by the 7 main elements and characters used in the game: Hydro, Anemo, Pyro, Dendro, Electro, Geo, and Cryo. In addition, we also added some Genshin emotes from specific platforms and general Genshin emoji combinations you can use with your emoji keyboard.

Anemo Emojis

Genshin Impact Anemo

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The first of the Genshin emojis we will discuss belongs to the Anemo symbol. Anemo, which is the wind, is the first element the Traveler (your character) acquires during the game. It is also the most convenient element to have. Anemo allows the player to boost other elemental attacks or blow enemies far away from you. Its ability to boost the six other elements and push the enemy backward is a great defense tactic with high attack power. The nation ruled by the Anemo element is Mondstadt. It’s also the first nation you will be introduced to in the game.


Leaf Fluttering in the Wind Emoji, Green Leaves EmojiSparkles emojiBlossom emojidagger emoji

One of the most famous Anemo users is Jean Gunnhildr. She is the second most important authority figure among the Knights of Favonius. The knights follow Archon Barbatos’ beliefs, which disapprove of aristocratic law. They are the driving force within Mondstadt by creating rules and regulations while guarding Mondstadt’s citizens.

Jean comes from one of the last aristocratic families in Mondstadt. You meet her in the game as the acting grand master of the Knights of Favonius. She’s a skilled Anemo swordsman with healing capabilities.

In terms of personality, Jean is a workaholic that considers all her tasks as important as the others. You can find her searching for lost kittens and even accompanying you during life-threatening battles. As a character in the game, Jean has crowd control abilities and healing abilities that are useful when facing strong opponents.

Jean holds two titles that represent Vennessa, the original leader of the Knight of Favonius. The lionfang knight, which was the title Vennessa had when facing slavery, and the dandelion knight, which symbolizes the Mondstadt’s ideal future.

Genshin emojis for Jean include the 🍃 leaf fluttering in the wind emoji, ✨ sparkles emoji, 🌼 blossom emoji, and 🗡 sword emoji. The leaf fluttering in the wind represents her Anemo skills. The sword emoji emphasizes her skills as a master swordsman. The sparkles emoji resemble the star-like shape design on her white jeans. Finally, the blossom emoji is to represent her title as “the dandelion knight”.


musical notes emojibeer emojibow and arrow emojiLeaf Fluttering in the Wind Emoji, Green Leaves Emoji

Venti was the first archon to be introduced in the game. As a result, a wide variety of Venti stickers, plush toys, and fanart have been dedicated to him longer than Zhongli or Raiden Shogun. Venti is the Archon Barbatos in disguise. He guides Mondstadt by letting them do whatever they feel is best instead of strictly giving them rules and regulations.

Venti is one of the most popular characters to use in the game. His color scheme is teal, white, gold, and dark blue. His elemental skills allow him to group enemies and his burst recharges quicker than other characters.

In terms of personality, Venti enjoys his life as a bard. Bards are professional storytellers that sing or recite the stories with musical accompaniment. He is also an avid drinker, frequently visiting the local tavern in Mondstadt. Venti is the weakest among the archons. However, he was strong enough to survive the archon wars in the past.

Venti’s emojis are the 🎶 musical notes emoji, 🍺 beer emoji, 🏹 bow and arrow emoji, and 🍃 leaf fluttering in the wind emoji. All four emojis represent Venti’s personality and background. The musical notes emoji describe his disguise as a bard while traveling around Mondstadt. Venti’s drinking habits can also be represented by the beer emoji. The leaf fluttering in the wind describes Venti’s affinity with the wind. Meanwhile, the bow and arrow emoji represent his choice of weapon.


angry face emojiogre emojiSkull Emojitornado emojiLeaf Fluttering in the Wind Emoji, Green Leaves Emoji

Xiao is one of Genshin Impact’s characters that are so famous you don’t need to play the game to recognize him. His name stands for “mountain demon” and is the last of the Yakshas whom Morax protected. He is particularly famous among female players, with TikTok videos and fanart being uploaded on the Internet.

Xiao is a misanthrope. He prefers places with minimal crowds and dislikes having conversations with others. Xiao is the eldest among the adepti. He is considered the highest-ranking adeptus among them despite his disinterest in mortals. Xiao has a mask he wears when using “The Bane of Evil”, a skill of his that boosts his powers but drains his life force.

Xiao’s cold exterior is the result of his past actions. A former god once ordered Xiao to commit unspeakable violence against innocent lives. However, Morax rescued him and gave him the name Xiao. He, along with other Yakshas, swore loyalty to Morax. However, the battles they faced would eventually consume the other Yakshas. The only one left would be Xiao, who feels too tainted with his sins to interact with others.

Genshin emojis for Xiao are as follows: the 😠 angry face emoji, 👹 ogre emoji, 💀 skull emoji, 🌪 tornado emoji, and 🍃 leaf fluttering in the wind emoji. The angry face emoji describes Xiao’s first impressions. He initially seems cold and unkind to others, having a displeased facial expression. The ogre face emoji represents the mask he wears when he needs more power in battle. The skull emoji is the symbol of his undefeated status. The tornado emoji represents Xiao’s design in the gacha system which shows him with numerous polearms surrounded by the wind. Finally, the leaf fluttering in the wind represents Xiao’s elemental abilities.

Pyro Emojis

Genshin Emojis, Pyro

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The Genshin emojis for the Pyro element are the most accurate combinations on this list. This is because Genshin Impact’s pyro symbol is in the shape of the fire emoji by coincidence. It is the second element the game introduces you to. Unlike the Anemo element, Pyro can deal heavy damage alone and has a significant boost with other elements.

An example of this is using Pyro with cryo damage. This creates the melt reaction that doubles the damage. Additionally, the Pyro element is the one mostly used for puzzles in the open-world map. This makes it useful to have on ready when traveling and being caught in a sudden battle with enemies. As of 2022, there is no archon representing the Pyro element.

Hu Tao

Ghost emoji, Ghost emoji Apple versionSquinting Face With Tongue emojiFire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emojidumpling emojichopsticks emoji

Genshin emojis for Hu Tao are relatively new. This is because the character itself was released late in 2021. Hu Tao is the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s director at Liyue Harbor. She’s Zhongli’s boss despite her young age.

Hu Tao is quite accepting of death as a natural part of life. Her work as the funeral parlor’s director shows her to be professional and sympathetic to the wishes of her clients. She’s quite protective of her staff, disliking it when people judge them for working in the middle of the night.

When not working, Hu Tao is incredibly energetic and mischievous. She loves playing pranks and is extremely cheerful. Most people are irritated by Hu Tao’s outgoing personality. Surprisingly, Xiao finds her entertaining instead.

She is also extremely observant despite her nature and age. Without any explanation, Hu Tao already has an idea that Zhongli may be a godlike being but prefers not to tell anyone for their safety.

The Hu Tao emoji combination features the 👻 ghost emoji, 😝 squinting face with tongue emoji, 🔥 fire emoji, 🥟 dumpling emoji, and 🥢 chopsticks emoji. Her personality resembles the face with tongue-out emoji. Meanwhile, the ghost emoji is to symbolize her companion, the Blazing Spirit. Her Pyro affinity is also mentioned with the fire emoji. Finally, the chopsticks and dumpling emoji reference her love for dumplings.


neutral face emojiEagle emojiFire, Fire emoji, Apple version of Fire emojiCrossed Swords emoji

A Genshin emoji combination for Diluc is easy to spot in most Genshin Impact-related posts. Looking for merchandise like a Diluc sticker set or plush toy isn’t difficult either. This is because Diluc is one of the more famous characters in the game.

Diluc is a member of the Ragnvindr Family, one of two prominent noble houses in Mondstadt that now runs the Dawn Winery. Diluc is a powerful Pyro-user who dislikes the ways of the Knights of Favonius. However, he remains extremely loyal to Mondstadt and protects the nation in his own way.

Diluc’s emoji combination features the 😐 neutral face emoji, ⚔️ crossed swords emoji🦅 eagle emoji, and 🔥 fire emoji. All these emojis represent a piece of information regarding Diluc and his personality.

The neutral face emoji, which can substitute for a staring emoji, describe’s Diluc’s nature. Cutscenes within the game show that Diluc is stoic and prefers to speak only when he needs to. He likes to assess situations with the information he obtains as well. The hawk emoji represents the Umbertail falcon that Diluc adores. Whenever his character remains idle, the falcon flies down onto his arm.

The last two emojis describe Diluc’s fighting style. Diluc uses a claymore for a weapon. Claymores are Scottish swords that require the use of two hands. The crossed swords emoji describe Diluc’s claymore clashing with enemies. He is also the type of character that can fight headfirst with little need for defense. And finally, the fire emoji. This describes Diluc’s affinity with Pyro and the long flowing red hair he ties loosely.


bomb emojiribbon emojicollision emojiGrinning Squinting Face

Klee is the first short female to be introduced in the game. She is a destructive but well-meaning girl under the careful watch of the Knights of Favonius. She’s a favorite among female players of the game and a cosplay favorite.

Klee is the daughter of Alice, a famed alchemist. Unfortunately for the Knights of Favonius, she takes after her mother. Klee specializes in bombs, which Jean strictly forbids her from using within the walls of Mondstadt. She is close friends with Diona and fears Jean’s lectures.

Klee is still a young girl despite her powers. She’s innocent, energetic, and curious about her surroundings. Unfortunately for Jean, her reckless adventures bring about negative effects. While she does fear being lectured by Jean, the young Pyro user looks up to her. She also forms relationships with the other members of the Knights of Favonius like Amber, whom she develops an improved bomb for her to use.

Klee is a reliable character to use. Her basic attacks are effective for mining while her bombs are explosive enough to deal consistent damage to a large group of enemies. Unlike other characters, all of Klee’s attacks have Pyro damage, making it easier for other characters to boost elemental reactions.

Genshin emojis for Klee are the 💣 bomb emoji, 🎀 ribbon emoji, 💥 collision emoji, and 😆 grinning squinting face emoji. The bomb emoji represents the bombs Klee uses for her attacks. She carries a large brown backpack with all her bombs she calls Jumpty Dumpty. The red ribbon represents her red girl scout costume. Finally, the grinning with squinting face emoji represents her mischievous personality.

Electro Emojis

Electro Genshin

Image from Flickr

The next set of Genshin emojis refers to the electric elements of the game. It is also the third element to be introduced with an archon. The Archon Baal watches over Inazuma, the third nation to be released within the map. Electro is the element that is flexible enough to spark a damage combo with other elements. The elemental reaction between Electro and Pyro, which is called overloaded, is one of the most common elemental reactions players use to create further damage. However, Electro isn’t as offensive as the other elements and is used to debuff enemies instead.

Raiden Shogun

face without mouth emojihigh voltage emoji, lightning emojicandy emojiPerforming Arts emoji

A Genshin emojis list for Electro wouldn’t be complete without Raiden Shogun. Raiden Shogun, whose real name is Raiden Ei, is actually the archon Baal and shogunate of Inazuma. Raiden has two forms that exist. The first one is Raiden Ei, who is her real self. The second one is Raiden Shogun, the puppet she created to rule Inazuma in her stead.

Raiden Shogun is cold, expressionless, and focuses on her objectives. She believes herself to be Raiden Ei’s assistant and does not care for emotions or hobbies. Raiden Shogun exists solely to execute Raiden Ei’s orders. Meanwhile, Raiden Ei is emotional, has a weakness for sweets, and enjoys martial arts.

Raiden Ei fears the loss of loved ones. As a result, she focuses on creating eternity. However, this doesn’t mean that Raiden Ei approaches new things with negativity. She instead becomes curious. Raiden Ei meditates inside the Plane of Euthymia, which is a reflection of Raiden Ei’s mental health. Her loneliness still affects her within the plane, but she becomes indifferent to the world’s ambition as well.

Raiden shogun’s emoji features the 🍬 candy emoji, to remind us of her fondness for sweets. The second emoji is the 🎭 performing art emoji. The two masks represent the Raiden Ei and Raiden Shogun and their conflicting personalities. The 😶 face without mouth emoji represents Raiden Shogun’s lack of emotions. Finally, the ⚡️ high voltage emoji symbolizes her affinity with Electro.


Kissing Face With Closed Eyes, Kissing Face emoji, Kissing emoji, Closed Eyes emoji,open book emojitea emoji, Teacup Without Handle Emojihigh voltage emoji, lightning emoji

Lisa is one of the first playable characters you will obtain in the game. She studied abroad in Sumeru Academia and graduated as its most powerful mage for over 200 years. After returning to Mondstadt, Lisa became a librarian for the Knights of Favonius. Because of her proficiency in witchcraft, Lisa gets excited over element-related items and books. Unfortunately, she does become bored with normal books in the process.

Contrary to her carefree personality, Lisa takes her job as a librarian seriously. She would even go out of her way to collect overdue books from those that borrowed them. Lisa’s Electro abilities are a double-edged sword. She is blessed with powerful Electro abilities and a thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, there is always a price to pay for Lisa.

Genshin emojis for Lisa feature the 📖 open book emoji for her work as a librarian and her love of knowledge. The 🍵 tea emoji represents her love for tea. The ⚡ high voltage emoji also implies her Electro abilities. Finally, the 😚 kissing face with closed eyes emoji describes Lisa’s flirty personality.


wolf emojicloud with lightning emojideciduous tree emojiCut Of Meat emoji, Cut Of Meat emoji Apple version

An adorable Electro user named Razor is the final member of our Electro emojis combo. Razor was abandoned by his parents as a baby. The Wolf of the North, Andrius, took him under his wing and raised him in Wolvendom. For a long time, Razor had no communication with other humans. However, the Grand Master Varka of the Knights of Favonius encountered him. Eventually, Razor learned to interact with others.

Razor is incredibly protective of his family and his allies. To become Razor’s ally, all you would have to do is venture into Wolvendom. It’s rare for Razor to find humans in Wolvendom. So, when a person enters Razor’s territory, he considers them friends. Razor is also protective of his wolf pack family and goes berserk whenever they are injured.

Razor considers Klee his ally, immediately fixing her disasters in Wolvendom. However, his best friend is Bennett, who he spends most of his time talking with. Razor prefers meat rather than vegetables. This is because his diet is influenced by his family’s food.

Genshin emojis for Razor comprise the 🐺 wolf emoji which refers to his family, the 🥩 cut of meat emoji for his diet, the 🌩️ cloud with lightning emoji for his Electro abilities, and the 🌳 deciduous tree emoji to refer to Wolvendom.

Cryo Emojis

Genshin Emojis: Cryo

Image from Flickr

Another set of Genshin emojis can be found with the Cryo element. Cryo deals damage similar to Pyro. The difference is that Cryo allows players to reduce their enemies’ movements and attack speed. This buff allows players and their teammates to turn the tides of the battle to their favor.


cat face emojichampagne emojibow and arrow emojiWine Glass emoji

Diona is the first Genshin emojis for a Cryo character we’ll talk about. She’s a cute cat-like bartender in Mondstadt’s local tavern, Cat’s Tail. Despite working in a tavern, Diona dislikes alcohol and by relation, Diluc. Diona is on a mission to destroy Mondstadt’s wine industry. She purposely ruins customers’ drinks to have them dislike their taste. Unfortunately, her attempts only make the customers enjoy the drinks she makes. In addition, regular customers have become fond of teasing her.

Diona has a very cat-like personality. Her father, Draff, describes her current outlook in life as a rebellious phase. Her dislike for alcohol stems from Draff’s personality change after consuming alcoholic drinks. She looks up to Draff and aims to get rid of all alcoholic drinks to ensure her father retains the image she looks up to. The only people Diona doesn’t dislike that consume alcohol are Eula and Lisa.

In terms of personality, Diona is a traditional tsundere. A tsundere is a character that acts and speaks cold towards others but cares for them more than they let on.

Genshin emojis for Diona feature the 🐱 cat face emoji for two reasons. The first reason is because of her cat-like design. The second one is because of her Cryo shield skill, which features the face of a cat. Her emoji set also includes the 🍾 champagne emoji and 🍷 wine glass emoji. This is in reference to her dislike of alcohol and her job at Cat’s Tail. The 🏹 bow and arrow emoji show her preferred weapon, and the face with the look of triumph describes her tsundere nature.


ice cube emojipurple heart emojiSparkles emojiGhost emoji, Ghost emoji Apple versioncoffin emojiprayer beads emoji

Following Diona is the Genshin emojis for Qiqi. Unlike other characters introduced in the game, Qiqi is a cute zombie. She works in Bubu Pharmacy under the protection of Baizhu. Qiqi can only speak a few words and can sometimes cause misunderstandings with what she’s trying to say. As a zombie, Qiqi retains her conscience, but can only move under orders given to her.

Qiqi fears dying, which is why Hu Tao, the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s boss, is someone she’s extremely afraid of. Fortunately, Qiqi is protected by Baizhu and cancels out accidental orders given to her. Baizhu has ulterior motives for taking Qiqi under his wing. However, Qiqi doesn’t mind this and treasures that Baizhu genuinely cares for Qiqi despite his objectives.

Qiqi needs constant reminders for things. As a result, she always brings a notebook to make sure she doesn’t forget. She prefers the cold weather for two reasons. The first reason is that heat reminds her of her death. The second reason is that her flesh melts when walking under the sun for too long. Genshin emojis for Qiqi describe physical appearance. However, they also include the 🧊 ice cube emoji, which reminds us of her Cryo abilities. Her Genshin emoji combination also includes the ⚰️ coffin emoji and 👻 ghost emoji to describe her life as a zombie. Meanwhile, the 💜 purple heart emoji, 📿 prayer beads emoji, and ✨ sparkles emoji remind us of her purple outfit, necklace, and the gold lining of her top.


wind chime emojiscroll emojisnowflake emojitea emoji, Teacup Without Handle Emoji

Ganyu is a crowd favorite among Genshin Impact players. Her story is unlike all the other characters because of her genetics. Ganyu is a half-Adeptus hybrid. This means that she has traits of a mortal and of a god. Physically, Ganyu resembles humans more. The exception lies with her dark red and black horns. Most people assume Ganyu’s horns as a headdress. This spares Ganyu from further explanation, so she encourages this belief.

Ganyu is the secretary of Liyue. She remains loyal to Morax by following the contract they made—ensuring the safety of Liyue Harbor. Ganyu’s been the secretary of Liyue for thousands of years. Because of her work schedule, Ganyu has little time to make friends.

Personality-wise, Ganyu focuses on the objective. She’s conservative and quiet by nature but won’t hesitate to compete with others or take on any tasks. However, Ganyu is easily flustered. She makes mistakes whenever she is dealing with a heavy and important task. Ganyu is also sensitive about her past, horns, and her weight. Despite being an introverted character, Ganyu is easily angered when people attack Morax or Beidou.

A Ganyu emoji set is incomplete without the 📜 scroll emoji, ❄️ snowflake emoji, 🎐 wind chime emoji and 🍵 tea emoji. The scroll emoji tells others of Ganyu’s job as a secretary for Liyue. Meanwhile, the snowflake emoji reminds us of her Cryo abilities. The wind chime emoji is to reference the way her hair is styled similarly to a wind chime. Finally, the tea emoji is to compare Ganyu to the relaxing and soothing presence of tea.


Hydro Emojis

Hydro Element: Genshin Impact

Image from Flickr

Hydro is a crowd favorite among the elements in Genshin Impact. As a result, many Genshin emojis and characters refer to the element itself. Other elements focus on one benefit more than the other. An example would be the geo element, which focuses on defense more than offense, and the Pyro element, which deals more damage. The Hydro element is extremely balanced. It allows both defense and offense for its characters. It also smoothly transitions elemental reactions, unlike other elements, making it an element most players have in their team.


bubble tea emojiwater wave emojidagger emojiwhite heart emoji

A new set of Genshin emojis for Ayato was just recently released after Ayato became popular in the game. Ayato is the current leader of the Kamisato Clan, a noble clan of Inazuma skilled in martial arts. Aside from his job of protecting the Kamisato Clan and his sister Ayaka, Ayato is also the Yashiro Commissioner in charge of the shrines and cultural events of Inazuma. Ayato also has another role hidden from the public as the leader of the Shuumatsuban, a group of ninjutsu users.

The residents of Inazuma believe Ayato to be a kind and well-mannered man. However, he is extremely busy and stressed over corrupt government officials. Ayato dislikes talking in circles and prefers that people get directly to the point of what they need from him. Despite a generally good reputation in Inazuma, Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko believe he’s cunning and mischievous.

An Ayato emoji set includes the 🌊 water wave emoji, which features his Hydro capabilities. The 🗡️ sword emoji refers to his choice of weapon—a sword. The 🤍 white heart emoji symbolizes love and support, which Ayato gives to Ayaka. Additionally, Ayato also wears mostly white, which is referenced in the white heart emoji. The 🧋 bubble tea emoji also applies to Ayato, who pulls bubble tea from his sleeves when idle.


winking face emojiwhale emojibow and arrow emojidroplet emoji

Childe Tartaglia is one of the most popular characters in Genshin. His real name is Tartaglia and he is the eleventh member of the Fatui Harbringers. Other members of the Fatui Harbringers consider Childe as the odd one of their group. Unlike the other members, Childe goes headfirst into his schemes. He’s extremely competitive and loves jumping into danger wherever he goes.

Childe initially gives off a friendly impression. However, Childe remains a dangerous warrior with a thirst for blood. Childe is loyal and dedicated to those he holds a special place in his heart for. An example of this would be Teucer, his youngest brother, whom he risks his life for.

Genshin emojis for Childe feature the 🐋 whale emoji, which describes his ability to summon a whale. Additionally, the 💧 droplet emoji reminds us that Childe’s element is Hydro. The 🏹 bow and arrow emoji refer to Childe’s preferred weapon. Finally, the 😉 winking face emoji shows his fun personality.


Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emojiCrystal Ball emojisweat droplets emojimilky way emoji

Mona is an extremely skilled astrologist who learned under a strict master. She takes her passion for astrology seriously and refuses to use her talents for money. As a result, Mona constantly worries about her financial stability.

Mona is able to tell when a person is lying or their personality traits just by checking their constellations. However, she still has a childish side as she is a picky eater. Her finances are always low because of the expensive astrology items she buys.

Genshin emojis for Mona feature the 🌌 milky way emoji, which features the constellations Mona adores. The 💦 water droplets emoji symbolize her Hydro affinity. The 🔮 crystal ball emoji also implies her profession as an astrologist. Finally, the 😊 smiling face with smiling eyes emoji describes her open-book personality.


Dendro Emojis

Dendro Emojis

Image from Flickr

When it comes to Genshin Impact element symbols, Dendro was confusing many players. All the other Genshin symbols were clear on what element they represent. However, Dendro’s symbol is in the shape of a heart. Thanks to the current progress of MiHoYo’s developers, Dendro has officially been explained to players of the game. Dendro is the poison element, which can cause continuous damage to enemies and allies when being used. The poison effects of Dendro quickly consume the health points of those affected. Its status effects vary on the enemy or ally who uses the Dendro element.


seedling emojicrown emojiopen book emojiFour Leaf Clover emoji, Apple's Four Leaf Clover, Four Leaf Clover symbol

Not much is known about the Dendro archon Kusanali. There were even conflicting reports about Kusanali’s gender. Newer quests reveal that Kusanali is a female lesser god of wisdom. Additionally, Kusanali is the youngest of all the archons in Teyvat, being only 500 years old. It’s also been confirmed that the Dendro archon is also called Nahida. Whether her real name is Kusanali or Nahida hasn’t been confirmed.

Kusanali is rumored to be a hikikomori. Hikikomoris are known to be socially reclusive and lock themselves in their room rather than venture outside. It’s also been confirmed that Kusanali’s region, Sumeru, treats knowledge as a resource. Whether it’s considered as currency or can be sold for a high price isn’t confirmed as of yet.

Kusanali just took over after the death of the previous Dendro archon. Her relationship with the previous archon is still unconfirmed. What is confirmed, though, is that her model build is that of a young female; her hair is long and white and her color scheme features pastel green, yellow, and orange.

Since Kusanali is a new and unreleased character, her Genshin emojis aren’t widely used just yet. However, you can identify Kusanali with the 🍀 four leaf clover emoji, 👑 crown emoji, 🌱 seedling emoji, and 📖 open book emoji.

The four-leaf clover emoji represents her affinity with Dendro. The open book emoji refers to Kusanali’s attachment to knowledge. The crown emoji is to describe her role as the Dendro archon. Finally, the seedling emoji symbolize Kusanali in two ways. The first way is to mention the Dendro enemies that sprout up from the ground. The second way is to symbolize her youth. She is the youngest archon and despite being a powerful god, is supposedly fearful and more unaware compared to the other archons.


snake emojiglasses emojihospital emojiPill emoji, Pill, Medicine, Drugseedling emoji

Baizhu is the first Dendro character to be introduced in the game. You first encounter him in the quest “Guizhong” after returning to Qiqi empty-handed. Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor. He is Qiqi’s guardian and owner of Changsheng, a white snake that can talk.

Baizhu is a very private person. Not many people know Baizhu’s habits, tastes, or background. He is secretive enough to have even Zhongli unaware that he’s the owner of Bubu Pharmacy. What is known about Baizhu is that his traditional medicines are bitter but effective. Most of the Liyue citizens run to Bubu Pharmacy to explain their symptoms for a more accurate medicine.

Bubu Pharmacy has three notable customers introduced in the game. Keqing and Xinyan acknowledge his bitter traditional medicine as the perfect way to get better. The last one is Hongdou, a young but sickly girl who dislikes Baizhu’s medicine but takes them because of Baizhu’s kindness.

Baizhu has an incurable illness, making him obsessed with eternal life. He takes in Qiqi who he affectionately cares for but also researches to find how she remains alive as a zombie. His pharmacy has questionable means of getting its ingredients. However, this doesn’t stop customers from visiting.

Genshin emojis for Baizhu describe his profession and his physical appearance. Baizhu’s Genshin emojis feature the 🐍 snake emoji, 👓 glasses emoji, 🏥 hospital emoji, 💊 pill emoji, and 🌱 seedling emoji.

The snake emoji represents Changsheng, who always rests on Baizhu’s shoulders. The glasses emoji are for Baizhu’s red glasses. The remaining three emojis describe Bubu Pharmacy, the medicine he sells, and his talent for Dendro.


bellhop bell emojiRabbit emoji, Easter emojibasket emojiribbon emojiseedling emoji

Yaoyao is the second Dendro user officially introduced by MiHoYo. She has the same model build as Klee, Qiqi, and Diona. Yaoyao was was once Xiangling’s fellow martial arts disciple under Madame Ping. After she parted ways with the two, Yaoyao became Ganyu’s assistant.

Yaoyao is fond of seafood and prefers to ignore fruits and vegetables when eating. She’s close friends with the members of The Crux, a band of pirates. Ganyu relies on Yaoyao to gather necessary documents, items, and other tasks. However, Ganyu has also been tasked to ensure Yaoyao doesn’t sneak inside the ship upon their departure.

Genshin emojis for Yaoyao relate to her physical appearance. The 🌱 seedling emoji describes her affinity with the Dendro element. The 🛎️ bellhop bell emoji symbolizes Yaoyao’s bells on her hair. Meanwhile, the 🐇 rabbit emoji is to emphasize the rabbit resting on her basket. Yaoyao’s basket backpack can be implied with the 🧺 basket emoji. Finally, the 🎀 ribbon emoji is to describe her basket’s accessories and socks.


Geo Emojis

Genshin Impact: Geo

Image from Flickr

After the events of Stormterror, you will be introduced to the city of Liyue and its governing archon, Morax. Morax, also known as Rex Lapis, is the archon associated with Geo. The Geo element in Genshin represents the earth and allows the user to build up a protective shield, thanks to elemental reactions. All elements respond to Geo with a crystallize reaction. Crystallize allows the user to be shielded from damage while continuously attacking the enemy. In terms of Genshin elements, the Geo element is the defensive element.


Face with Raised Eyebrow emojiComet emojimoney with wings emojidragon face emojitea emoji, Teacup Without Handle EmojiWine Glass emoji

Genshin emojis for Zhongli are easy to spot. This is because Zhongli is a popular character and has a unique backstory. Zhongli is the second archon to be introduced in the game. He is the archon Morax who is called the “God of Contracts”. Because of his personality and favor of contracts, Liyue has become a city bursting with business opportunities.

As Zhongli, his mortal self, he performs and provides for all necessary rituals at the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor in Liyue. He is well-versed in the history of Liyue and respects its traditions. Zhongli loves planning and preparing for situations. However, he tends to forget to prepare mora (money) along the way. This is because Zhongli’s real identity, Morax, created mora itself.

Zhongli’s emoji combination features the 🤨 face with raised eyebrows emoji, 🐲 dragon face emoji, 💸 money with wings emoji, ☄️ comet emoji, 🍵 tea emoji, and 🍷 wine emoji.

The cup of tea emoji describes an event where Zhongli asks the player to make him a misty garden tea. The wine emoji represents Osmanthus wine, which was what he and his allies used to drink in Liyue Harbor, and the comet emoji describes Zhongli’s elemental skill, planet befall.

The money with wings emoji and the face with eyebrows raised emoji are related to one another. Whenever you accompany Zhongli in the game, you must be prepared to lose a large amount of mora while accompanying him. While he borrows your mora, he is usually taken aback by the reactions of his purchases, hence the facial expression.

The final emoji that represents Zhongli is the dragon face emoji. This is because of Exuvia, the dragon the player encounters getting assassinated in Liyue. Exuvia was believed to be the Geo Archon himself. However, Zhongli only faked his death.


Smiling Face With Halo emojirose emojishield emojiBroom emoji

Noelle is the first character a player will be able to pull out from the gacha system. People prioritizing defense would be suitable for Noelle. Noelle’s affinity with Geo allows her to make crystallized shields to protect the player and heal other teammates while fighting enemies. This makes her a perfect tank when clashing with stronger foes and having low HP for your more offensive characters.

Despite being a talented claymore user, Noelle is still too stubborn and inexperienced. Whenever faced with a conflict of ideas, Noelle chooses to ignore the concerns of the other party. Instead, she follows what she believes is the best course of action. Noelle is also still too naive. Her work as a maid is appreciated by many, but can also be abused by those who know she would push herself beyond her own limits.

Jean, the acting grand master of the Knights of Favonius, believes that Noelle is qualified to become join their ranks. However, Jean is also aware of Noelle’s naivety and stubbornness. This results in Jean refusing to knight her, fearing that Noelle will not be able to withstand the reality outside of Mondstadt.

The Genshin emojis for Noelle remind us of her abilities and personality. Her emoji combination features the 🧹 broom emoji, 🌹 rose emoji, the 😇 angel face emoji, and 🛡 shield emoji. As a professional maid, Noelle almost always has a kind facial expression like the angel face emoji. The broom emoji describes her work of cleaning up after other people or cleaning up nearby enemies. The shield emoji refers to her ability to make a crystallized shield. Finally, the red rose emoji reminds us of the roses decorating her silver hair.


Nail Polish Emojimoney bag emojiscroll emojiRosette emoji

Genshin emojis for Ningguang are similar to baddie emojis in real life. Ningguang is a talented businesswoman. She grew up in poverty, earning everything she has with hard work. She’s known to manipulate those with weaknesses to do her bidding and focuses on making more mora.

Ningguang is also known as the Tianquan. The Tianquan is responsible for making sure all of Morax’s ancient laws are being followed within his territory. It may seem that Ningguang, whose interests are directed towards mora, would be a bad choice as Tianquan. However, Ningguang also hopes to raise Liyue’s status and safety. She is extremely protective of Liyue, declaring that those who intend to harm the public’s safety and health shall be given a severe punishment with no mercy.

Her loyalty to Liyue is proven when the player, the adepti, and Ningguang’s allies join forces upon Osial’s awakening. She puts aside her reservations with the adepti and even uses the Jade Chamber to force Osial into complete slumber. The action itself causes the death of her entire life’s work. Proving that her role as Tianquan comes first to mora.

Ningguang’s emojis are easier to identify compared to other Genshin emojis. Hers features the 💅 nail polish emoji, 💰 bag of money emoji, 📜 scroll emoji, and 🏵️ rosette emoji. The nail polish emoji describes her overall energy and personality. Ningguang is Genshin Impact’s prized girl boss. The bag of money emoji represents her objective: mora. Meanwhile, the scroll emoji is for her role as Tianquan, where she reads through all of Morax’ laws. The rosette emoji is to reflect her role in Liyue and her appearance. This is because the rosette emoji is related to ancient cultures and is usually used to signify beauty.


Other Genshin Emojis

To the Stars and Abysses

gem stone emojistar emojimilky way emoji

Genshin emojis that don’t refer to a specific character or element also exist. The most popular Genshin emoji combination is the 💎 gem stone emoji, ⭐ star emoji, and 🌌 milky way emoji.

These emojis represent the gacha system the game has. The gacha system is used to pull characters out as a raffle draw. This allows players of the game to get a chance to earn a wide variety of characters and weapons offered within the game.

The gacha system only works if you have primogems. Primogems are the in-game currency that can be changed into intertwined fates or acquaint fates. The intertwined fates and acquaint fates allow you to participate in the gacha system and earn rewards.

Earning gacha characters is important. However, their tier level is also necessary to look at. You can easily tell the difference between character tier levels in two ways: the banner they’re in and the level shown once you’ve earned them. The limited banner allows players to pull five-star leveled characters that can boost your gameplay in a whole new way. Meanwhile, the standard banner allows players to continuously participate in the gacha system to earn four-star weapons and characters or below.

Once you’ve pulled from the gacha system a particular cutscene takes place. It shows a star flying across the sky and splitting into pieces. It’s important to note that once the star shows a hint of pink color, you have likely received a five-star item or character.

In other words, the primogems are represented by the gem emoji. The star emoji represents the star tier level of the characters and weapons you pull. And the milky way emoji represents the cutscene you experience when pulling between wishes.

The Statue of the Seven

Statue Of Liberty emojiPlace of Worship emojiFolded Hands Emoji, High-Five EmojiDashing Away emoji, Dashing Away, Cloud Of Smoke emoji, Cloud Of Smoke, In A Hurry

The Statue of the Seven’s Genshin emojis is also easy to spot. This is because most of the emojis included in the Statue of the Seven’s emoji combination are rarely used. Statues of the Seven are statues created in honor of the seven archons throughout Teyvat. Players use the statues for four reasons.

The first reason is that the Statues of the Seven allow the player to change elements within the game. If you are currently using the Geo element, you can easily switch to the Anemo element by praying to archon Barbatos’ statue of the seven.

The second reason refers to praying to the statue. Once you begin praying to a Statue of the Seven, you are automatically healed of any ailments or lost HP from previous battles. The third reason is fast travel. Players can use Statues of the Seven as teleport waypoints, making it easier to travel across Teyvat without having to walk or run through other various areas. The final reason is the oculi offerings. Once you offer enough oculi to a specific Statue of the Seven, rewards will be given to you.

The 🗽 Statue of Liberty emoji, 🛐 place of worship emoji, 🙏 praying hands emoji, and 💨 dashing away emoji represent the Statue of the Seven and their benefits within the game.

Genshin Impact

shooting star emojiCrossed Swords emojigem stone emoji

The last of the Genshin emojis on the list refers to the game itself. Genshin Impact is filled with battles, wishes, and treasure! The 🌠 shooting star emoji, 💎 gem stone emoji, and ⚔️ crossed swords emoji reflect the experiences you will have while playing this game.

The shooting star emoji refers to two things. The first is to remember how the player first enters the game. The player, known as “Traveler”, would fall from the sky and meet Paimon just like a star falling down from the sky. It can also refer to the gacha system of the game, where players make wishes to pull characters and weapons fairly. This is because the gacha system’s cutscene shows a falling star splitting into two.

The crossed swords emoji reference the battles you will face while playing the game. Each nation has its own story that is filled with riddles and dialogues. However, battles are common for both the main storyline, the side quests, and character side quests that are available when playing the game. Each battle is unique depending on the characters the player chooses, allowing for creative gameplays.

Finally, the gem emoji which symbolizes two traits of the game. The first trait is the primogems, which is the in-game currency a player can buy to own or earn as the story progresses. The second trait is the treasures players can come across while adventuring around the open world.


Official Genshin Emojis

You can find other Genshin emojis listed as Genshin emotes and Genshin stickers. You can find these emojis on different platforms such as Discord and WhatsApp. They use the Genshin chibi official art with specific details and designs released solely for chat use.

Developers design Genshin emotes featuring one character at a time. An example of these is Paimon emotes, Zhongli emotes, and Venti emote. Developers continuously add more stickers as the game updates. Examples of these updates are Ayato emotes and Yae Miko emotes, which are characters that were introduced later in the game.



We hope you enjoyed learning about the different Genshin emojis you can use on the Internet. We’re certain there’s more than just those we listed here for you. However, we’re more than happy to help you jumpstart your knowledge of Genshin emojis with our list!

Genshin Impact is a new game that has managed to connect people all over the world. Its ability to influence people to cooperate with one another is similar to emojis themselves. Just like Genshin Impact, emojis are a gateway for communication between two people. It allows us to find common ground with one another on the Internet. Without the emoji guides or games that allow multiplayer connections like Genshin Impact, who knows if we could make friends with strangers on the Internet?

Genshin emojis will only continue to grow from here. Especially since the game is still developing itself today. There are more nations to travel to and more characters to introduce that we haven’t seen just yet. It’s exciting to think that a new character or location will help people talk to each other about their opinions. Along with that discussion is a definite chance of new more Genshin emojis to learn! Who knows? Maybe we’ll even find newly developed emojis on the Unicode that can be related to Genshin as well!